𝄡 Alto Clef:
Palo Alto Public Piano

Inspired by projects like the Berkeley Public Piano in Sproul Plaza and the international "Play Me, I'm Yours" street pianos by Luke Jerram.

The Piano

Originally, we found this piano about to be thrown away in the Cubberley dumpster. A couple of us MakeX mentors hauled it back in on in a rather unstable cart and got to work on fixing it up. I applied for a grant from PA Public Art, and worked with my talented friends (shoutout to Daniel Pei, Faustine Wang, Sarah Sanders, Vivian Becker, Yash Nasikkar) to clean up, fix, and repaint the entirety of the piano piece by piece. The installation in Mitchell Park ended in September 2021, and the piano has since been donated to the City of Mountain View.

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